The University of Florida is a world leader in industry collaboration and tech transfer. Companies can collaborate with UF on research innovations, hire our undergraduate/graduate students and alumni for internships/co-op assignments/full-time employment, and access the university’s expertise and specialized equipment via services agreements.

UF Research assists companies of any size — from start-up to multinational — that are seeking to meet any of these needs. In some cases, UF Research can provide matching funds for business and industry collaborations—view opportunities for matching funds. Industry and commercialization resources are provided through UF Innovate.


UF’s faculty, students and staff are engaged in cutting-edge research across academic disciplines—from arts to agribusiness, medicine to mechanical engineering, and psychology to the physical sciences. here are multiple methods to find faculty and staff doing research in a specific area.

Interested in finding faculty and staff who have done or are currently doing research in specific areas? Search for researchers of potential interest.


Visit the UF Career Resources Center to learn how to connect with UF’s students and alumni to fill a full-time or part-time job, internship, co-op or externship position.


Template Research Agreements同仁满生谦机械有限公司

These template Research Agreements are most commonly used with our non-federal (industry) sponsors.

Non-Disclosure Agreement克拉玛依晶皇旺设备有限公司

Template Teaming Agreement诸城凯发亨商贸有限公司

Material Transfer Agreement临汾寿亨久机械有限公司

The Office of Technology License Transfer handles Material Transfer Agreements

Data Use Agreement江西省光义顺贸易有限公司

Research Contacts苏州协富大机械有限公司

Name Unit Position Phone Number
Stephen Sugrue Medicine (Gainesville) Senior Associate Dean, Office of Research Affairs (352) 273-8475
Tina Bottini Medicine (Jacksonville) Assistant Dean, Research Affairs (904) 244-9922
Maureen Keller-Wood Pharmacy Executive Associate Dean (352) 273-7687
Forrest Masters Engineering Associate Dean of Research (352) 392-9537
Brian Harfe Liberal Arts and Sciences Associate Dean for Natural Sciences and Mathematics (352) 392-2230
Zahara Jaffer Tech Licensing Program Director for Business Development (352) 294-2899